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A informative blog that shares the latest information about osteoarthritis and how to get relief for residents located in Edgewater, NJ. It can be a tough life dealing with this thing known as degenerative joint disease. The condition takes a bit of time to develop and typically happens during the middle to late stages of life, just when things start to get good. Without the right treatment and plan to manage it correctly things will only get worse. Focusing on taking the best actions possible to prevent the progression is highly advisable. Spend time golfing, skiing, dancing, walking, and many of the other enjoyable hobbies and sports instead of being held back by this problem.

We discuss topics about symptoms, treatments, and helpful things that can be done on your own that can work to produce a positive outcome. Medications are often necessary however there are natural options available that might not bring about immediate results, but can assist towards the goal of increasing mobility and lowering discomfort levels. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations and live a balanced life. Exercise often here in beautiful Bergen County and eat clean, healthy meals each and every day of the week. Many people will be heading into the retirement years, take action to make sure they are filled with fun.